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The NEW ASSA ABLOY RD150 automatic revolving door

Adapts safely tofaster pedestrian traffic

Introducing the new and utterly unique ASSA ABLOY RD150, the first automatic revolving door that lets the pedestrian choose the pace. The Individual speed control setting allows the pedestrian to speed up the door to its preferred pace with a gentle push, enabling a faster pass-through.

And yet, presence sensors ensure that if the door at any given point is pushed too fast for another pedestrian passing through, the door will slow down to minimize the risk of impact. The door can also just as easily be used as a normal automatic revolving door, regulating and controlling the pace of all pedestrians.

So no matter your pace, walking through the ASSA ABLOY RD150 is a comfortable experience.

Say hello to the ASSA ABLOY RD150
ASSA ABLOY RD100 Power assist revolving door from ASSA ABLOY

ASSA ABLOY Power Assist revolving doors

Power Assist goeswith your flow

Whether you have a public or private office with purely pedestrian traffic, you want your clients to come in relaxed and comfortable. The manually initiated ASSA ABLOY RD100 does just that by giving its users a bit more control.

To get started, all this door needs is a little push and then it adapts to its users by operating at their speed, which lowers your energy consumption. Additionally, for those concerned with security, this door comes equipped with burglar protection at the RC3 certification level.

ASSA ABLOY All-glass revolving door

Take a turn towards elegance

For an office, hotel or store wanting a sophisticated look, the ASSA ABLOY All-glass revolving doors are the choice automatic door solution to give your business a confident and impressive look while maintaining premiere functionality. The functionality of these doors discreetly maintains airflow and climate and, with a concealed drive unit, ASSA ABLOY All-glass revolving doors emit a smart and seamless aesthetic.

ASSA ABLOY all-glass revolving door by ASSA ABLOY

ASSA ABLOY High-capacity revolving door

Accommodate the masses with ease

Some businesses have an extreme amount of pedestrians. And those pedestrians need passage safely and efficiently. For heavy pedestrian traffic locations such as a grocery store or hospital, look no further than the High capacity ASSA ABLOY Uniturn and RD3L doors. The 2-wing Uniturn and 3-wing RD3L are the ideal automatic thoroughfare for large numbers of pedestrians even if they have luggage, trolleys or wheelchairs.

The 2-wing version also comes with an optional center sliding door to accommodate heavy traffic while best maintaining airflow. The RD3L is RC3 certified against burglars for added security.

ASSA ABLOY high-capacity revolving door

The whole range at a glance

Model Besam RD100 Besam RD200 Compact Besam All-glass Besam High capacity UniTurn Besam High-capacity RD3L
Wing options
Diameter 1.8-2.7m 1.8-3.6m 1.8-3.0m 3.6-5.4m 4.2-6.2m
Traffic flow
Pedestrian with luggage ≥2.7 ≥2.7
Pedestrian high traffic ≥2.7 ≥2.7
Hight traffic including wheelchairs ≥5.4
Hight traffic including large trolleys ≥4.8 ≥6.2
Sustainability 4 4 3 5 4
Night Closing Doors Integrated
Intrusion protection package, EN-1627:2011
Access control one-way ≥2.4
Access control two-way ≥2.4 (4-wing)
Anti-tailgating ≥2.4
Anti-piggyback ≥2.4 (4-wing)
Aesthetic 4 4 5 4 4
Surface treatment
Stainless steel
Convenience 3 4 3 5 5
Safety in use, TuV certified
Graphic service interface
Remote access (•)
Break out capability
Break out capability
Emergency escape 3rd party certified
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